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The Jess SEO Tutorial helps small business owners reach new heights.

The Free and Easy Way to Learn SEO

Want to get more leads and sales? We’ve develop this free SEO course to help you get up to speed quickly. Unlike other SEO tutorials, this one was written by a small business person and and was designed to get other entrepreneurs and business leaders up to speed quickly. Need help? Just reach out in the comments section and ask!

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Start Learning SEO Here

Most small businesses could benefit from SEO, but they don’t know where to start. That’s why we created Jess SEO Training. It’s free and the best place to start if you want to get up to speed quickly. Learn how SEO works and see step-by-step instructions that let you start optimizing your small business website yourself. 

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Getting Started

Spend a few minutes learning about what is SEO is and what you can expect as your start optimizing your site.

What is SEO?
How do Search Engines work?
What is involved with SEO?

Call Tracking

SEO Strategy and Goal Setting

You shouldn’t start any marketing effort without a strategy and goals. Learn how to set them for your SEO campaign.

SEO Strategy and Goal Setting Overview
Setting SEO Strategy
Setting SEO Goals

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SEO Foundations: Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console helps you measure the success of SEO campaigns. Learn how here.

Sign Up for a Google Account
Sign Up for Google Analytics
Set Up Search Console
Link Search Console to Google Analytics

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SEO Foundations: Keywords

Learn how to research, select, and integrate keywords into the right pages on your website.

How to Find Keywords
How to Select Keywords for Your Strategy
Set up Keyword Tracking
Mapping Keywords to Existing Sites

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On Page Edits

Learn how to do the most basic but important on page SEO updates. 

Updating Title Tags
Updating Meta Descriptions
Adding Keywords to Your Site
Headings – H1, H2, H3 Tags
Internal Linking

Industry-Specific SEO Help

Ready to track your keywords or want more personalized help? Jess SEO is an affordable SEO tool for small business. Automatically generated, industry-specific keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions are available for dozens of business types. Choose your business below to learn more.

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