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Updating Meta Descriptions

A meta description allows you to summarize the contents of a particular website page. Think of it as an elevator pitch or advertisement for your page! While it’s not considered in the algorithm that determines your page’s ranking, search engines often show your meta description text under your headline in the search results and a great meta description can improve your click through rate. Keywords used in searches appear in bold in the search results text, which makes results that include them more eye-catching and more likely to be clicked.

Your meta description should be between 50 and 160 characters. It should be long enough to tell searches what your page is about but not so long that it doesn’t display it completely. Your target keyword should be in the meta description one time, ideally near the beginning of your meta description.

An example of a meta description that would be appropriate for the home page of Daily Grind Coffee in Springfield, MA would be:

Daily Grind Coffee is a coffee shop in Springfield, MA. Indoor and outdoor seating. Shop local and buy your coffee beans and fresh pastries here.

In addition to including target keywords, it helps consumers know what they can expect when they visit the store and includes some of the products they offer.

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