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Understanding Google and Facebook Ad Reports

This is the second in a series of posts to help you understand how to interpret the digital advertising reports provided by your marketing vendors or your in-house marketing team. If you’ve ever stared at a marketing report and not understood what you were looking at,...

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Google Ads Reports Metric Definitions

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to places where no one speaks English. As a result, I know what it’s like to experience the anxiety and discomfort that occurs when you can’t speak the language. I’ve also traveled to places where people speak Spanish, a language I...

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Google Analytics Realtime Reports

As the name suggests, Google Realtime reports let you see what is happening on your website right now. In particular, you can see what locations and sources your visitors are coming from, what pages they are viewing, the content they are browsing, and the events and...

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What is CNAM?

CNAM is the acronym for Caller ID Name. If you have a mobile phone, you have already seen CNAM in action. It’s the technology that lets you see who is calling when that person is unknown to you.Part of what you pay for with call tracking solutions like Jess is...

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