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With five Google Ads conversions in one month at an acceptable cost per lead, this agency was bullish that its investment in Google Ads was going to work. Jess suggested otherwise. Read more below.

Identify Unqualified and High Cost Leads with Jess

Almost by definition, a marketing company’s hardest client is itself. In the case of a firm that specializes in lead generating services like SEO Google Ads, it’s difficult to compete against competitors with deeper pockets with Google Ads, especially when it’s not uncommon for the Cost Per Click to be $10-20 for SEO or PPC keywords. Rather than give up, Results Repeat came up with a “home team advantage” strategy that it thought would work. They decided to spend $1000 a month to test and see if they could successfully generate qualified SEO and PPC leads in the county they were based and two adjacent, affluent counties.

During the first full month of the experiment, 5 out of 49 goal conversions recorded in Google Analytics were from Google Ads, and Google’s Search Terms report suggested they were quality opportunities. The Results Repeat team thought it was onto something.

However, thanks to Jess, an advertising analytics software platform, they knew which leads came from what advertising source, as well as what keyword was used. After following up, Results Repeat disqualified 4 of the 5 tracked leads. They turned out to be solicitations from companies trying to sell them services. The fifth lead was still active, but at a cost of over $700 per qualified lead, the math just wasn’t going to work and so they paused their search campaigns.

Before they starting using advertising analytics software, Results Repeat would have interpreted 5 goal conversions as evidence that Google Ads was working and ramped up spending. Those leads would have been blended in with all the other leads from the website. After Jess, they knew exactly where each lead came from originally, allowing decisions to be made about each advertising source independently. Since Jess automatically calculates the cost per qualified lead, it was easy to see it was too high to continue this strategy. This allowed them to confidently pause these campaigns, saving thousand of dollars.

No matter what your marketing budget is, there is never enough to do everything. Jess helps proves what is working and what isn’t, which helps you be confident that you are making the best decisions about your advertising spending and confidently cut what’s not working.


Before Jess

Leads: 5
Cost: $717

Cost Per Lead: $143

With Jess

Qualified Leads: 1, Sales: 0
Cost: $717

No Sales

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