Phone Call Tracking

Track phone calls and and calculate your true cost per qualified lead.

Know Who’s Calling
With Phone Call Tracking

Phone call tracking lets you know how each person who called your business found you and drives reporting that connects marketing to results in Google Analytics and Jess. Phone tracking can be used to track leads from your website as well as any online and offline campaign. Jess works by enriching your phone call data with how callers found you. Jess lets you remove calls from salespeople, current customers, and other sources so you can track leads accurately. You can import your advertising costs and enter marketing consultants’ fees to calculate cost per lead.

Track All Phone Calls
Call Tracking

Identify Qualified Phone Leads

Conversion data using Google Analytics alone over-reports results because it tracks all phone calls, including calls from current customers and telephone solicitations. Jess lets you see Caller ID data and review a recording of the phone call, so you can qualify leads with one click, and see how many new, qualified leads you are generating.

Calculate Cost Per Lead

Jess automatically calculates the cost per lead for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising, down to the campaign or keyword. Jess also lets you enter fees you’re paying consultants for SEO, email marketing, and other marketing services which lets you compare the cost per lead for all of your marketing campaigns in one place.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Cost per Sale

Use the Salesforce or ZohoCRM integrations or manually update your opportunities when you close sales to see the Cost Per Sale of your marketing campaigns. Jess also calculates your Return on Ad Spend for all sources.

Pay as You Go Phone Call Tracking

Jess phone call tracking is quick and easy to set up. Since you only pay for the phone numbers and minutes you use, it’s an affordable solution that helps businesses whose prospects call them track the prospect’s journey from the first phone call to sale.