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What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion, aka DNI, help marketers track the source of phone call-based website leads.

Who Should Use Dynamic Number Insertion?

If you are spending money on multiple marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your site and your prospects call you on the phone, you are a good candidate for Dynamic Number Insertion. DNI will help you identify which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls.

How Does DNI Work?

As individual users come to the site, DNI replaces the phone number that is on your site with a unique phone number for each visitor. The DNI system also records the website and if applicable, details about the marketing campaign that generated the visit. When that visitor calls you, the DNI system forwards the call to your business’s phone number.

For example, suppose I visited your site after clicking on a paid Google ad. The DNI system assigns me a phone number, taking note that I came in from a Google ad, and details like the campaign, keyword, or ad I clicked on. As other users come on the site, they are assigned different phone numbers and where they came from is tracked. When I complete the call, the DNI platform records my phone number, location, and if available, my name in addition to where I came from, in this case the Google Ad. As users complete the calls, the numbers are released for someone else to use.

How Much Does DNI Cost?

To use DNI, you need to pay for the phone number and minutes used. Toll-free numbers and minutes are more costly than local numbers. Small local phone DNI packages are available from $40 per month and toll-free packages can cost twice that. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up DNI, and service can be cancelled at any time. Ask us about DNI services available with Jess.

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