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Marketing Reports

Marketing reporting software that proves PPC, SEO, and advertising campaigns working.

Marketing Reporting Software
Real Results

Looking for better marketing reporting software? Jess goes beyond vanity metrics and proves that SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing campaigns are working. Users describe Jess as the “missing link.”

Jess Proves What’s Working

Call Tracking


All contact form submissions and phone calls are imported into Jess, so you can see everyone who contacted you in one place. The Export function lets you see everyone who contacted you, and how they found you, in Excel or Google Sheets.

Contact Information

Click on individual leads from the Jess dashboard to see contact form submission and call details.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Lead Source

Jess knows exactly how individual leads contacted you, and can track this information through both contact form submissions and phone calls.

Email Alerts

Set up Jess to send you an email alert every time you get a new lead. See exactly how the lead found you. Qualify the lead with one click.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Jess Report

The Jess Report brings it all together and shows you which advertising campaigns are generating results. You’ll be able to show your boss, or client, the qualified leads you generated for them, including exactly who contacted you and how they found you, in one easy to understand report.

Marketing ROI

Jess lets you know if your marketing campaigns are paying for themselves. See if your marketing is generating leads and sales at a positive ROI.

Marketing Reports

Call Tracking

Cost Per Lead and Sale

See how much it’s costing you to generate qualified leads by advertising campaign. Measure cost per sale. Use the information to identify opportunities to do more of what’s working well and cut underperforming campaigns.

Keyword Report

See which Google Ads keywords are generating qualified leads and generating sales. Use this information to improve your bidding strategy and identify keywords for SEO campaigns.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Trends Report

See how all of your marketing campaigns are performing over time in a side-by-side report.