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Know if SEO, PPC, email, & social media campaigns are actually working.

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What is

Jess is reporting and marketing analytics software that lets you know if your marketing is working. Jess also calculates the cost of qualified leads and sales, down to the campaign and keyword.

With Jess You Can Track


Track leads from phone calls and form submissions. Call tracking alone doesn’t cut it. Jess is perfect for B2B businesses that get most of their inquiries from form submissions.


Know exactly where your web leads came from. Jess identifies and tracks how visitors found your website. You’ll know which advertising sources generated qualified leads.


Track advertising from source to sale. Our reporting software integrates with Zapier, so you’ll be able to track business you win back to the original advertising campaign.


Jess reports make it easy to see which advertising is really working. View our sample marketing reports to see how Jess takes marketing analytics to the next level.

Calculate the
Cost Per Sale

Calculate the cost per lead and sale of every marketing campaign with our affordable marketing analytics software platform. Jess automatically pulls in spending data from popular advertising platforms and lets you enter fees you pay for any marketing source. Jess calculates the cost per lead and cost per sale of your SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other marketing efforts.

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