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Jess is marketing analytics software that uses form and phone call tracking to identify the exact source of individual leads. Jess lets you know if your SEO, PPC, email, and social media marketing campaigns are generating qualified leads and how much they cost, down to the keyword. With Jess, phone call tracking is affordable, because you only pay for what you need. Jess helps you spend your marketing dollars where they work and increase revenue.

With Jess You Can Track


Track phone calls and contact form submissions. Jess is perfect B2B or B2C business that close their sales offline.


Know exactly where your web leads came from. Jess identifies and tracks how visitors found your website. You’ll know which advertising sources generated qualified leads.


Track advertising from source to sale. Our reporting software integrates with Zapier, so you’ll be able to track business you win back to the original advertising campaign.


Jess reports make it easy to see which advertising is really working. View our sample marketing reports to see how Jess takes marketing analytics to the next level.

Not Your Average
Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics and call tracking software platforms let you know who contacted you, and how they found you. Only Jess takes marketing reporting to the highest level by letting you know exactly which marketing efforts are paying for themselves. Receive email alerts and qualify leads and opportunities with just one click. Import Facebook, Microsoft, and, Google Ads data and enter your marketing fees to calculate the cost per lead. Update opportunities when they close and enter the deal amount to enable cost per sale and ROAS calculations.

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