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What Is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a process that helps get your website to appear in search engine results when people are searching for keywords related to your business. The higher you appear in the search results, the more likely prospects will click on your link and visit your website.

The most common use of SEO is to optimize your site for keywords searchers use when they are actively looking to purchase products or services you offer. SEO helps your website show up in the search results, making it more likely people will actually find you when they are ready to buy. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you’d want to appear in the search engines for searches for “coffee near me” or “coffee shop” and so you would optimize your site for keywords like these.

What if your business has a long sales cycle or you are offering a brand new product or service people aren’t searching for yet? You can use SEO to build awareness by optimizing pages on your site for topics people care about in your target market. For example, if your prospects like to learn about new business ideas, you could write blog posts about popular business books and optimize them to appear when people search for book reviews or summaries.

“deep work cal newport summary”

If you could get your website to appear first in the search results for one keyword phrase, what would it be? Not sure? Reach out in the comments below for help.This is part of the Jess SEO Tutorial.

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