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Updating Title Tags

A title tag specifies the title of a web page and is one of the most important factors that controls how well you rank for particular keywords. While it’s vital for SEO rankings, it also improves site usability. The title tag text will be used by people who bookmark or share your page to identify it and search engines often use your title tag as the headline in the search results. Title tags give you the opportunity to tell search engines what your page is about and should include your primary and when appropriate, a secondary keyword you would like to target.

In general, your title tag should be between 30 and 65 characters. If it is longer than 65 characters, it will not completely display in the search engine results. If it is shorter than 30 characters, you aren’t taking full advantage of using the title tag to tell search engines what your page is about.

Example of title tags that would be appropriate for the home page of Daily Grind Coffee in Springfield, MA would be:

Daily Grind Coffee | Springfield MA Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Springfield MA | Daily Grind Coffee

The first tag would be the best fit to ensure the site shows up high (and ideally first) for a search for the business name. The second approach is a little more aggressive and might help you introduce your business to more new customers, but might not be the best choice if it impacts showing up first for searches for your business name. In either event, this is a good example where it would be appropriate to try to optimize a page for two different keywords – your business name and Springfield coffee shop or coffee shop Springfield, and how to do it.

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