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Setting SEO Strategy

Before you start working on SEO, it’s helpful to make sure your website is a proper foundation for SEO success and review your objectives.

Let’s talk about your website first. SEO can increase traffic to your website, but that’s only half the battle. Your website needs to get your customers to act. When was the last time you took a critical look at your website? If it’s been awhile, take a look now. How does it look? Does it load quickly and is it easy to find what you need? Does it explain your products and services thoroughly and well? Will it make prospects want to visit your store, learn more, or buy? If not, you might want to invest in improving your website before spending time and money building more traffic to it.

Once you are sure you have a proper foundation, it’s time to think about what you want to accomplish with SEO. If you run a business with a relatively low price point or your customers don’t spend a lot of time researching before they buy, your main objective will be to generate leads. If you own a restaurant or a local services business, you’re looking for reservations or appointments. Retailers will want more foot traffic. Businesses with more complex and long sales cycles also want leads, but will also be interested in generating awareness and top of the funnel conversions which would include downloads of white papers or new subscribers to their email lists.

Once you have your objectives in mind, it’s time to set some concrete goals, which is what we’ll discuss in the next section of this tutorial.

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