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What is involved with SEO?

If you want people to find you when they’re looking for your products or services online and you think SEO can help, but you don’t know exactly what’s involved, you’re in the right place. In this segment of our SEO tutorial, I’ll tell you how websites are optimized at a very high level.

SEO is about making changes to your web content that improves the way you answer questions about your business. This means making sure:

The content on your website thoroughly describes the products and services you provide.

Users enjoy being on your website and find it fast and easy to use.

Your website is trustworthy and has content that makes others want to link their websites to it.

You website evolves, meaning you don’t put your website up and never add new content to it.

These are achieved through SEO tactics called on page optimization, technical SEO, link building, and content development. We’ll go into more detail about each of these in other sections of this tutorial.

But before you start optimizing your site, you’ll want to set your strategy and set some goals to help you measure your progress. That’s what we’ll cover next, so continue watching to learn more.

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