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New Return on Ad Spend Report

We’re pleased to announce Jess now automatically calculates your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by advertising source. Jess lets you see side-by-side ROAS calculations for each of your advertising campaigns. Return on Ad Spend is an important marketing statistic that...

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What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), help marketers track the source of phone call-based website leads. It is the foundation of phone call tracking software applications.Who Should Use Dynamic Number Insertion?If you are spending money on multiple marketing campaigns to...

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Maximizing the Value of Lead Generation Efforts

Having personally spent the last five years professionally focused on selling lead generation services and trying to improve how to track the SEO and PPC results we deliver, I sometimes need a reminder that there are many other facets of marketing and steps along the...

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How to Select Marketing Tracking Platforms

Marketing tracking platforms aggregate data and provide analytics that help you evaluate your marketing results and make better decisions about where to focus your time and budget. There are a few essential, easy to deploy, basic tools like Google Analytics and Google...

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