Use Call Tracking with Google My Business Listings Without Hurting SEO
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How to Use Call Tracking with Google My Business Listings Without Hurting SEO

How to Use Call Tracking with Google My Business Listings Without Hurting SEO
I recently participated in a panel discussion held by the Digital Marketers of the Palm Beaches. One of the hot topics was Local SEO and in particular, how optimizing Google My Business listings was becoming a cornerstone of SEO for business with a storefront or that service a local customer base.

One of the panelists told our audience that using tracking numbers on your website or Google My Business listing adversely impacts SEO and that it is imperative to keep reference your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) consistently across all websites to avoid hurting SEO results.

While this used to be true, it’s outdated information.

Call tracking provides foundational data that is essential to understanding where your leads are coming from and which of your marketing campaigns are working. Yet, otherwise talented marketing consultants continue to spread the myth that call tracking is bad, giving business owners invalid reasons to avoid using call tracking.

Where this consultant was right is it is still important to have NAP consistency, which means it’s important that your name, address, and phone number is the same across all online directories and websites. This provides a positive signal to Google that your business is legitimate, and this helps Local SEO.

That said, the two exceptions where you can safely use call tracking: your website and Google My Business listing. However, you need to set them up correctly.

To track calls from your website, use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). With Dynamic Number Insertion, your local phone number is in the code of the website. When someone visits your website, they are assigned a different phone number and when they dial this phone number, the call is routed to your local number. DNI vendors do not replace the number when bots from Google and other search engines visit the site, so they will still see your local phone number.

To use a tracking phone number on Google My Business (GMB) listings, click on Info and enter your tracking number as your primary number. Next, click Add Phone Number and enter the phone number on your website as the additional phone number. Only the primary number will appear in your Google My Business listing, but the presence of your local phone number as an additional number gives Google the information it needs to associate your GMB listing with your website. This prevents call tracking from hurting your SEO.



Should you use tracking numbers on other NAP listings? We don’t recommend it. But since optimizing Google My Business listings has become an important lead generating tactic, we do recommend using a call tracking number so you can calculate a return on your investment in GMB listing optimization.

Ready to track phone calls from Google My Business? Since you only pay for what you use and there are no minimums, it’s inexpensive to track calls from Google My Business with Jess. Just pay $2.50 for the phone number and pay for the minutes used. Click here to start.

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  1. Ken Kendre

    I read your article about “How to Use Call Tracking with Google My Business Listings Without Hurting SEO”. I need help to remove Call Tracking with Google My Business because getting wrong/fake missed calls with 0 second and charging me for it. How to remove tracking ?

    • Ellen Thompson

      Thanks for asking your question. You need to log into your Google My Business listing and replace your tracking number with your local number. This won’t stop fake calls, but it will eliminate the per minute charges. It’s also possible your call tracking company gave you a number that is still being used elsewhere. Do a web search for the number and see if this is the case. If it is, consider replacing the tracking number. Hope this helps!

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