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What is CNAM?

What is CNAM?

CNAM is the acronym for Caller ID Name. If you have a mobile phone, you have already seen CNAM tracking in action. It’s the technology that lets you see who is calling when that person is unknown to you.

Part of what you pay for with call tracking solutions like Jess is integration with CNAM service providers and access to Caller ID information. We send the phone number of the caller to the CNAM service, it sends us the name of the caller, when available, and we attach it to the phone call record.

Since some people block caller ID, the name of the person calling isn’t always available. When this occurs, you’ll see the city and state associated with the phone number.

Identifying callers with CNAM as part of Jess phone tracking can help you learn more about your marketing leads. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and get started. Sign up for a free trial of Jess Call Tracking today!

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