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Setting up Google Tag Manager for Beginners

Setting up Google Tag Manager for Beginners
If you are interested in using Goals in Google Analytics to track where your leads and other conversions are coming from, chances are you are going to need to set up and use Google Tag Manager (GTM). This tutorial provides a step by step guide for beginners.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google that makes it easier to manage your analytics tracking codes. It also makes it easier to set up event tracking, which in combination with Google Analytics Goals, is used to track leads generated on your website. Once Google Tag Manager is set up and installed, anyone on your team can add tracking code blocks (e.g. tracking pixels) to the site or set up event tracking without the help of your website development team.

How to Set Up Google Tag Manager for Beginners


If you aren’t currently using Google Tag Manager, you’ll need to go to set up an account and install it using these steps:

Click Create Account


Google Tag Manager Create Account


Enter your business name into the Account Name field and your web address into the Container Name field. Click Web as your target platform.


Google Tag Manager Add a New Account


Click Create

Accept the Terms of Service

Next, you’ll need to install some code on your site in the <head> and <body> place of every page. You may need to enlist a web developer to help you out.

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