Jess Phone Call Tracking Features Google Analytics Integration

Jess now lets you track your phone calls as events and goal completions in Google Analytics. It’s fast and easy to setup. Simply log in to Jess, click your initials in the upper right corner to access the admin menu and:

    • Click Customer
    • Enter your own Google Analytic UA tracking ID
    • Click Update Customer

Next, set up a Google Analytics Goal to track your phone calls. From the Google Analytics Admin screen, click:

    • Goals
    • + New Goal
    • Under Goal Setup, select Custom and click Continue
    • Under Goals Description, enter a name for your Goal, e.g. Phone Calls, select Event as the Type, and click Continue
    • Under Goal Details, enter exactly Phone Call as the Category and Call as the Action.
    • Click Save

To learn more about setting up goals in Google Analytics, check out our Google Analytics Goals tutorial.

You’ll start seeing phone calls coming into Google Analytics, be able to use them in any reporting tool that accesses Google goal completion data, and import these conversions into other systems, such as, Google Ads.

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