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How to Set Up Auto-tagging and Leverage Google Ad Data in Google Analytics

How to Set Up Auto-tagging and Leverage Google Ad Data in Google Analytics

Introduction to Auto-tagging

Auto-tagging lets you automatically import information about your Google Ads campaigns into Google Analytics. This lets you see how visitors behave on your site after they have clicked your ads. Used in conjunction with properly set up Google Goals, you can also see which campaigns and keywords  lead to actions you want user’s to take on your site, such as filling out your contact form, calling you, or downloading a white paper.

Set Up Auto-tagging

By connecting a Google Ads account to Google Analytics, you’ll automatically enable auto tagging. Before starting, make sure you are signed into each platform, then from Google Analytics:

  1. Click the Admin menu
  2. Click Google Ads Linking
  3. Click +New Link Group
  4. Click the Google Ad account you would like to link
  5. Click Continue
  6. Name the link configuration
  7. Click Link accounts

If you have previously linked your accounts, you can check to see if auto tagging is enabled in the Google Ads dashboard by:

  1. Clicking Settings from the left menu
  2. Account Settings
  3. Make Sure Auto-tagging is enabled.

Overriding Auto-tagging

If you utilize Jess software, you may want to override auto-tagging. Here is how you do it:

  1. Click the Admin menu
  2. Select Property Settings
  3. Under User Advanced Settings, select Allow manual tagging (UTM values) to override auto-tagging (GCLID values).
  4. Click Save.

Keep in mind that manual tags and UTM override are not supported in Multi-Channel Funnels or Attribution reports.

Limitations of Auto-tagging

Enabling auto-tagging will let you see your Google Ad data in Google Analytics and improve your ability to see what keywords are leading to goal conversions. However, your conversion data inflates results because it includes duplicates, spam and other conversions made by people who aren’t prospects. If you want to know what’s really working, Jess can help. It removes the clutter and helps you track which campaigns are generating qualified leads. You can see exactly who contacted you  through your SEO, email marketing, or paid advertising efforts. Contact us for a demo if you are interested in exploring how to take your marketing analytics to a more useful and exacting level.

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