How to Block Referral Traffic from Spammers in Google Analytics

If you notice a huge spike in the amount of referral traffic you see reported in Google Analytics, chances are your results are being inflated by a site that is spamming you. The good news is you can easily clean up your data by excluding the traffic from the offending domain.

To block referral traffic from a domain in Google Analytics:

1. Click Admin

2. From the Property column, click Tracking Info

3. Click Referral Exclusion List

4. Click +Add Referral Exclusion

5. Enter the domain name you want to exclude

6. Click Create

Google Analytics does a good job of blocking most spammers behind the scenes, but if you see a domain that slips through the cracks, now you know how to remove the bad data and improve the accuracy of your analytics.

Have you been spammed? Share the domain that’s spamming you below.

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