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4 Ways to Build Your Brand Online

4 Ways to Build Your Brand Online
In a time of uncertainty and where face-to-face interaction is scarce, many companies are concerned about what this lack of human contact may mean for their business. Understanding a brand is an experience for users, and with social distancing becoming the norm, it is time to consider how to move that experience online. Here are 4 ways to maintain (or even enhance!) the brand experience digitally.


Establish a Solid Brand Identity

Moving online means much of the consumer experience will be visual. It is incredibly important that aesthetics of the brand reflect its identity. Although it may seem unimportant, picking out theme colors are important in reflecting certain characteristics of your brand and logo. Read more about how color schemes reflect certain characteristics here.


Be Social! (But only on networks that fit your brand)

Being active on social media is the best way to give your brand visibility and greater reach. However, not all channels will be suited for your brand, and it is important to focus time on the ones that will generate the most leads and be effective advertising tools. Diverse platforms like Facebook are suitable to promote most brands because of its breadth of users, but platforms like Instagram and Twitter may be better or less suited depending on the brand’s identity.


Communicate with Your Market

Now that you have social channels for your brand, it is important to utilize them to communicate with your target market. Research tools from Google, ComScore, and Nielsen can help you find your specific target market and determine facts about their demographic including age and location. These attributes can be used to target your social media content to people who will find your company relevant. Additionally, knowing your target market’s demographic will help you better understand how to best communicate and engage with your potential customers.

Communicating not only entails providing content to customers but also responding! Responding to inquiries in a timely, personal fashion can help build credibility and trust with your market quickly.


Create Engaging, Consistent Content

Building a brand’s identity means building a consistent identity, which is largely shaped by the type of content being posted. If photos are the best way to convey your brand’s offerings and identity, having a consistent theme will make your account stand out. If posting newsletters and written content is the best method to reach your market, put out those articles on a predictable schedule for your audience to look forward to!

Time to build!

Now that you know some important tips to repositioning your online brand, it’s time to build. If you need help, ask us below and subscribe to our newsletter for more marketing tips.

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