Adding UTM Parameters to Google Ads

If you are using Google Ads, follow these steps to configure Google Ads to use URLs with UTM parameters.

  • Click Campaigns
  • Click Settings, Account settings
  • Copy the following code snippet and paste it into the  tracking template field: {lpurl}?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign={_campaign}&utm_content={creative}&utm_term={keyword}
  • Click Campaign Settings
  • Click Columns, Modify Columns, Custom Parameter, Apply
  • Set custom parameters to capture the names of campaign as follows.
  • Click Edit
  • In the first field (which appear next to _), enter the word “campaign” (without the quotation marks).
  • In the second field, enter the name of campaign you’d like to use. While you can use any names you like, we recommend using a name that lets you easily identify the campaign. We suggest using lower case characters and _  instead of space if you have more than one word in your campaign name, for example, bikes or rental_bikes