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When business owners need a new website, they use a search engine to find a website design company.


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Exactly What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, helps get your web design company’s website to appear in search engine results when people are searching for keywords like “web design agency,” “web design servers,” “website developer” and other terms people enter when searching for website services.

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The Cost

What Does SEO for Web Designers Cost?

Help from a pro costs between $500-750 (or even more per month), and your actual cost will depend on the scope of the SEO engagement.

Many small web development companies need a more affordable solution. If you have some time to work on your marketing, consider a DIY SEO option for web design companies like the one offered by Jess. For $29 per month, you get step-by-step instructions that show you exactly how to optimize your website yourself, analytics tracking that measures your results, and access to “Office Hours” webinars to get tips from our SEO experts.

How It Works

How Does SEO Make My Web Design Company Website Rank Better?

SEO involves making many small changes to the pages on your business website that makes them more likely to rank higher in the search engines. When users type in keywords, they are really asking questions. Pages that answer these questions better, load quickly, securely, and without errors, and are viewed as more trustworthy by search engines are more likely to rank higher.

In theory, it’s pretty straightforward, but it takes time to optimize your web design business website. It involves:

  • Making sure your current website thoroughly describes all of your design and development services
  • Improving user experience throughout your website
  • Showing your website is authoritative and trustworthy
  • Developing new content on your website that describes what makes your web development business different in more detail or that educates your prospects and customers about hosting, website security, and content management systems

The above outcomes are achieved through SEO tactics called on-page optimization, technical SEO, link building, and content development.

On Page Optimization

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Keyword Research

On-page optimization involves knowing what terms people use when searching for someone to create a new website and making sure you use these words and phrases on your site. The first step is keyword research which helps you know exactly what people are searching for and how often. “Web designer” is the most popular keyword phrase people search for when they are looking for businesses like yours and “website design” is the second most popular. It also helps to know about more specific keywords people use to search. For example, people search for responsive web design. Next, you place keywords on your page in your site’s title tag, meta description, page text, and headings. While there are plenty of keyword research tools and articles on how to title tags, you will get better results and save hours of time by hiring an SEO pro or leveraging a DIY SEO platform with suggestions specifically for small website design and development companies, like Jess.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes sure your site loads quickly and securely and can be crawled by search engines. Google’s Page Experience update that went live in June, 2021 makes technical SEO a bigger priority than ever. As a web development company, you’ll be able to easily do the work to speed up your site. Tools like Jess can point out problems you can fix. Remember to resize and compress images so they are as small as possible.

Call Tracking

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Content Development

Most web design company websites are just a few pages. This doesn’t give you much space to tell search engines or your prospects much about your services and rates. If this describes you, consider adding some new pages to your website. Consider creating separate pages that go into detail about ongoing support as well as your hosting service. Create a separate page to optimize each content management system you support. Do you need help with your web development company website’s SEO? Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. We’re here to help you.

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