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Jess seamlessly integrates with the CRM, advertising, and analytics platforms tools you already use.

Jess Integrates
With Your Systems

Jess integrates with popular CRMs, Google Analytics, Search Console, and popular ad platforms including Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook Ads.

Powerful CRM Integrations with Jess

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When you close a sale in Salesforce, Jess automatically updates matching opportunities. Calculate Return on Ad Spend with no extra work.

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Zoho CRM

When you close a sale in ZohoCRM, Jess automatically updates matching opportunities. Calculate Return on Ad Spend with no extra work.

Analytics and Advertising Platform Integrations

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Google Ads

Easily view monthly trends of Google Ads spending and clicks. Takes Google’s reporting to the next level by enabling cost per sale calculations. Import your Google Analytics call tracking goals into Google Ads to better inform campaign management.

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Microsoft Ads

Easily view monthly trends of Microsoft Ads spending and clicks. See cost per sale calculations for sales generated by Microsoft Ads. 

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Facebook Ads

See how much you spent on Facebook Ads and how many web clicks you got in the Jess dashboard. See reports not available in Facebook or Google Analytics, including Cost per Sale.

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LinkedIn Ads

See your LinkedIn Ads spending and clicks and results from other advertising efforts in one platform. Jess simplifies LinkedIn Ads analysis and enables cost per lead and cost per sale calculations.

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Google Analytics

Records all phone calls as Events in Google Analytics. This allows you to take advantage of Google Analytic’s functionality for deeper insights into your prospects’ behavior. For example, set up Goals to track the conversion alongside other Google Analytics data, view cross-device data, or see phone calls in multi-channel conversion funnels.

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Google Search Console

See which keywords are generating clicks to your website and identify the best keywords to optimize for. Know what pages generate the most organic traffic.

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