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Gravity Form Setup

Installing Form Conversion Tracking Code Using Gravity Forms

From the WordPress Dashboard:

First, click the “Forms” menu and select “Forms” from the pop-out menu.

Screen shot of Gravity Forms

Select your contact form. You can either hover over the name and choose “Edit” from the options that appear, or just click on the form name to enter the edit screen.

Screen shot of Gravity Forms edit option

From the “Standard Fields” box on the right, choose “HTML”. Place the HTML content block before the first field of your form. Label your field “Jess Integration,” and paste the Jess javascript code into the content field. 

Screen shot of Gravity Forms HTML Block

Save the form and access the form. You should now see your HTML content displaying correctly.

Screen shot of Gravity Forms showing correct install of Jess

The last and most important step- test your form!


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