Setting Up Fees

You can enter agency fees, salaries, or other costs you pay to run your SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, or other marketing campaigns. The allows Jess to populate the cost per lead report and show you which campaigns are generating leads at an acceptable cost.

From Admin, click on Setup, Fees and click + New Fee.

Enter the fee name in the Name field, for example SEO Management.

Enter the Source and Medium of traffic from this source. For example, to track all organic traffic, enter organic as the UTM Medium. For Google Ads, enter cpc as the UTM Medium and google as the UTM Source. If you are unsure what source and medium is being recorded from your advertising campaign, you can find this information in Google Analytics under Acquisition, All Traffic, Source/Medium. Keep in mind UTM data is case sensitive.

Next, enter the amount of the fee either as a percentage (5 = 5%) or monthly amount. Enter the date range this fee is being charged. Click Create Fee.