Set Up Email Alerts

You can set up Jess to send you an email alert every time you receive a new lead. You can also qualify the email directly from the email, which gives Jess the data it needs to generate some of its reports. You can also set up Jess to send you a monthly report that shows you all the leads or all of the qualified leads you received. This feature is only available to Jess customers using form or phone call tracking add ons.

First, you will need to enable email notifications. Select Notifications from the menu icon found at the top right at the screen.


Click the check box next to the email notifications you would like to receive:

  • New Leads
  • All Leads (Monthly)
  • Qualified Leads (Monthly)

If you check New Leads, you will now receive a notification every time you get a new lead. Simply click Qualified or Not Qualified to tell Jess know the status of the email. If you aren’t sure, you can follow up first and then qualify the email lead through the notification email or directly in Jess.



If you check to receive one or both of the monthly lead reports, you will receive a report that shows you who contacted you and how they found you. The report will look like this:

Sample Jess Report