Google, Facebook, & Microsoft Ads Setup | Jess Reporting Dashboard

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads Setup

Connecting Jess to Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ad platforms lets you see basic information about these campaigns in the Jess dashboard and provides data used in other Jess features. You can also add cost of advertising of other ad sources manually. Completion of this step is recommended for all Jess customers using one or more of these advertising platforms.From the Jess dashboard, click Ad Sources. Click the New Ad Source button.Click Link Account to link Facebook or Google Ads campaigns. You must be logged into these systems to connect to them and allow Jess access. Choose your account from the list that appears. Choose one or more campaigns to include. Click Save.Enter the name of your campaign in Name (e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Microsoft Ads)Select the Data Source.Select the account and campaigns you would like to import. You can import all or select campaigns one at a time.